What are the benefits of doing an electrical apprenticeship?

Getting into a career in electrotechnical services requires quite a good deal of time and dedication due to the technical and safety aspects of the job. It’s a fact of the trade that you’ll need to invest time and money in learning the theory and practical side of electrical installation and maintenance before you’re let anywhere near somebody’s consumer circuit. For this reason getting onto an electrical apprenticeship from as young an age as possible is an excellent option for those looking to become electricians. Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of doing an electrical apprenticeship.

The right training

When you are accepted as an apprentice you will find yourself studying for the relevant National Vocational Qualifications. This provides you with the solid theory for installing and maintaining electrical systems and forms part of your overall final certification. As well as working in a local electrical firm, studying the NVQs at college happens concurrently and allows you to develop a good technical knowledge of the practical side of things.

The right support

Apprenticeships are an excellent way of learning your trade because of the support you will receive. As well as learning from tutors at college, often people who work themselves in the trade, you’ll also receive hands-on tutelage from experienced people at your work placement. For this reason there should be no shortage of people to ask and you’re certain to get the best and most up to date advice.

Government support and a working wage

The apprenticeship scheme is supported and sponsored by the government. At this time, with the economic difficulties biting and youth unemployment a problem, ministers are keen to promote the scheme as a way of getting school leavers and others into skilled work. This means the whole process of getting into an apprenticeship is actually quite easy to do and there’s a special website and dedicated support for potential apprentices. What’s more, you’ll receive a working wage from your workplace once you’re enrolled on the scheme – in effect you will be paid to learn.

Connections in the industry

There’s a great opportunity to gain not just skills during your apprenticeship. Because you’ll be working in a real company with genuine links across the sector you’ll get to meet and learn from different people who may help you in your career going forward. You might get to learn a particular skill or meet somebody important who can take you into a full time job when your apprenticeship is completed.

Better prospects in your career

University studies have shown those who did an apprenticeship at the beginning of their trade careers earned far more than those who did not. One University of Sheffield found that those who had done an apprenticeship earned on average £100,000 more over their careers. When you have the NVQs and a completed certificate of apprenticeship companies will look upon you as trained, competent and proven in the workplace, all things which will stand you head and shoulders above other candidates for jobs.

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